• You can only have one account for sell or buy time No need to make 2 accounts and if you are big seller and selling enough time per month You must verify your identites We can ask Identities from buyers also for Different reasons.payment processor accounts which has to be unique and not shared with another users
  • 1.1. All purchased items are non-refundable as they are instantly delivered upon purchase. We document records of all orders, transactions and IP addresses and email addresses.In case user opens dispute against GaosMedia.com for a purchased item, it will lead to account suspension and your ip being banned on the server.
  • 1.2. Your email address is protected from spam from GaosMedia.com and will not be sold or exposed under any circumstances.
  • 1.3. Logging in from proxies or shared network environments (such as, but not limited to schools, LAN houses, cybercafes, etc.) is not allowed
  • 1.4. We reserve the right to delete accounts using fake/non existant email addresses.
  • 1.5. To avoid the suspension check you Email inbox on daily basis.
  • 1.6. We do not accept, under any circumstances, requests to change your username or upline.
  • 1.7. To avoid the suspension connect with Forum of GaosMedia.com
  • 2.1. We are offering Unlimited Referrals per account.
  • 2.2. Any attempts to use fake IP address or proxies will result in immediate termination of all accounts involved without notice.
  • 2.3. We have a NO-SPAM policy at Gaod Media.com and we expect our members to follow this policy when representing GaodMedia.com . Any reports of blatant, unsolicited referral requests made en masse, will be investigated and dealt with accordingly.
  • 2.4. GaosMedia.com is not a pyramid scheme and does not award members for new sign-ups.
  • 2.5. Requests to change your up-line will not be accepted.
  • 2.6. After the Purchase or withdraw made by your referrals Commission will be credited to your account instantly. However, depending on the server load, they can be credited within 24 hours.
  • 3.1. Account Pages or posts involving: pornography / illegal content / malicious codes / direct or indirect forms of racism or sexism / page redirection / any other content that we deem as inappropriate, are all prohibited. Any advertisement containing prohibited content will be denied.
  • 4.1. All attempts to hack or cheat our system are being monitored and logged. We are monitoring GaosMedia.com for piracy attempts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • 4.2. Upon requesting payment, if any attempts of cheating/piracy have been discovered, payment will be canceled and account suspended.
  • 5.1. All payments are manual in 1 day to 4 weeks depends on your account age.However for security reasons, account investigation and possible heavy traffic on the server, we can take up to 48 hours for review.
  • 5.2. Ensure that the payment processor account you create is with a company that allows payments to your country. Also make sure that you've started your session from a computer within the physical boundaries of said nation.
  • 5.3. All members can request for cashouts Only through payment processor they have got sales.Every member can request for cashouts on same payment method which made sale or You can cashout to Payoneer If you have enabled and activated Us payment service.In the case Payment processors not supporting your country we allow other payment methods for withdraws
  • 5.4. Payment proofs must be post in forum.
  • 5.5. Every member can made deposit and withdraw through Paypal,Payza and perfectmoney
  • 6.1. Certain information about members will be stored confidentially in order to help identify cheaters.
  • 6.2. We reserve the right to suspend an account for a valid reason, including reasons not covered by a violation of the Terms of Service.
  • 6.3. We do not delete user accounts in any way for any reason.
  • 6.5. All suspended accounts will have all their balances reset, all referrals taken away and no refunds will be given.
  • 6.6. All suspended accounts will be archived and you cannot register using the same username or email addresses.
  • 6.7 All members are respectable.Misbehave with anyone can become reason of your account suspension.
  • 7.1 We are not Reponsible if You call meeting to someone and he did not arrive.You can just dislike and post bad comments against him.
  • 7.2 After buying time from anyone we are not responssible for quality of seller experience,skills or talk.You can just dislike and post bad comments against him.
  • 7.3 During chat if you lost internet connection or electricity failed or any other problem created.We will pause your ongoing chat and you can start again as soon as you and your seller/buyer will be available.
  • 7.4 You must set you desired payment processor in profile in order to get sales from buyers.Atleast one payment option is required to buy or sell time.More payment options you will accept more sale chances will be increased.
  • 8.1 We have 3 type of post walls or time lines.all are free and available for all world.
  • 8.2 Global Wall:Your post will be viewed from all over the world without any like,Follower Or Friend.But you must create post in english language.If you will use other language and anyone report us we will delete your post.
  • 8.3 Country Wall:Your post will be viewed from your country without any like,Follower Or Friend.You can use english or your home language in your country wall.
  • 8.4 Friends Wall:Your post will be Viewed by your Friends and if your friends will share your post friends of friends will see your post.Its works same like other social sites timeline or postwalls. You can also see the posts from your Liked Pages on friends wall
  • 8.5 All members are respectable.Misbehave with anyone on postwall can become reason of your account suspension for limited time.But general talk have not restrictions.
  • 8.6 Spam not allowed at all walls specially global and country walls.We did allow unlimited posts on all walls but if You will make same post again and again it will become the reason of your account suspension for limited time.
  • 8.7 Single URL or Link post is not allowed if you wants to promote any URL or Link you must add A entertainment,business or any other meaningful picture video or text otherwise your URL or Link post will be removed and you can be banned also (Rule apply on Global and Country walls).
  • 8.8 You can create 1 link post at same time you cant post another you need to wait until some otherone post then you can post link post again but same link post again not allowed before 24 hours.
  • 8.9 Hello hi smiley and all other useless posts are not allowed on global and country walls.
  • 8.10 All users terms will be applied on postwalls and violation will not be tolerated.
  • 9.1 You can add unlimited friends at gaosmedia.
  • 9.2 You can add the peoples in your contact only you know them outside from gaosmedia.
  • 9.3 Chat with non friends is available only for business purpose.
  • 9.4 Seller can offer a trial service via chat to buyers only single time.If buyer is not interested dont force him again and again.
  • 9.5 Buyer can ask the seller about the service via chat as much time he wants but spam will not be tolerated.
  • 9.6 You must accept all terms for being the members at gaosmedia.Violation of any terms will result your account suspension for limited time or Permanently.

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