What is Gaosmedia.com.
Gaosmedia.com is a social media where you can share your thoughts with all world without having any follower,like or friends.You also earn money at gaosmedia there are many ways to earn like business pages,sell time,paid to sign ups and many more.
How to make money on Gaosmedia.com.
Just register your account with simple steps and follow some tips below to make high income
  • Allow maximum payment processors for purchase
  • Write everything about your business experience in profile
  • Upload some pictures
  • Set Reasonable and attractive time rate so more sales you will generate and you can become top time seller in your profession category
  • If possible create your business page and promote it everywhere
  • You can Purchase message advertisement service from gaosmedia.com for Fast promotion
  • Build Good relation with everyone and get Likes and good comments to reach top position in your profession category
  • Promote your referral link and make big Referral and earn commission from your Referrals sales
  • Make max posts in forum for attracting clients.
  • Verify your account and get more attraction of buyers
How much i Will earn If someone will buy my time.
We did charge 25% fees on your sales and you will earn earn 75% from total sale For example someone purchase your time for $100 so you will get $75 and $25 will be charge as fees actually its site expenses.Admin did not take huge fees read more below 5% fees add in seller Upline account as commission 10% reserve for site advertisement expenses,5% goes togaosmedia.com team and 5% goes to hosting or server expenses if some amount will remain admin will earn that or If your buy advertisement etc. so it’s pure admin earnings.
How much Commission i will get from my referrals purchase
Currently We are offering 5% commission but in future we can increase or decrease it.Its depend on total sales of gaosmedia.com
Where is Gaosmdia located
Gaosmedia.com is registered company of Aurora Colorado United states.
What will happen if my internet connection lost or my electricity failed During business chat.
We will pause your chat and you will not lose your purchased time and you can start chat again as soon as you and your seller/buyer will be online and available.
How I will get paid after making money.What is minimum payout
You can request Withdraw as soon as you reach min payout that is $0.1 for paypal,and perfectmoney,payza minimum payout is $1 and $100 minimum for payoneer
Can i withdraw from any processor of my choice.
yes you can withdraw only from available funds processor Or from payoneer if you have more than $100 for example You have $100 paypal balance so you can withdraw $100 from PayPal or payoneer or if you have less than $100 so you can withdraw only from PayPal same rule for all other payment processors.
Gaosmedia.com available in which countries. And how much countries gaosmedia.com support.
Gaosmedia.com available all over the world and we support all countries where any of these payment processors are available PayPal,payza,perfectmoney,payoneer.
How much invest i need to start at gaosmedia.com
No investment required its totally free money making platform and social media service
How to earn from business page
Make a attractive business page and create maximum posts on daily basis.and promote your page for more followers.You can use Global and country postwall also to get followers.But spam will not be tolerated.Each person will like your page he will become your follower. You will earn $1 for each 1000 visits on your page.More followers and max daily basis posts on your page.will generate good results. You will get 10% commissions also from your downline page earnings.for example:Every time your referral will cashout $10 from page earnings so you will get $1 commission.Refer your friends and family under you via your ref link and earn money without any effort
How to earn from paid to signups
Register on available advertiser sites.and earn commissions.