About Us

Who is running Gaosmedia.com
Gaosmedia is owned and managed by 4 professional partners with 8 years of marketing experience
Gaosmedia Age
Gaosmedia development had start in August 2014 but it was launched in May 2016.
Whats are gaomedia Goal and targets
We are working to make gaosmedia a best social place for sharing your thoughts and offering a lifetime time risk free and full time income opportunity.so why Its Not Risky Like Hyip, Ptc, Mlm, Matrix, Casino, Forex etc. It’s safe and simple to Earn. with Multiple Money making features and minimum payout is only $0.1
Whats new in gaosmedia
Gaosmedia is totally innovative and hand made site.But specially sell or buy time feature is invention of gaosmedia team.that is never offered before by any site of the world. You can sell your time if you have any skill or anything you can do for others. Its a quick solution for all world.If you have any problem in your life visit gaosmedia.com and find the person who can solve your problem pay him their fees and get the solution of your problem.This feature have make the world too close with each others. Buy Time From Millions Of Professionals Like Doctors, Engineers, Actors, Singers, Politicians, Scientists, Entertainers, footballers, cricketers, Boxers, Wrestlers, Web Programmers, Web Developers, Designers, Lawyers, judges, Professors, Teachers, Musicians, Philosophers, Film directors, Writers, Art, directors, Accountants, Architects, Economists, Insurers, Realtors, Aircraft pilots, Sea captains, Chemists, Graphic designers, Ethics and Many More Others.
What is attractive in Gaosmedia
We have many attractive feature But most attractive is minimum payout that is only $0.1
Gaosmedia is a non investment site
Gaosmedia is a totally free and non investment site for forever.Gaosmedia did charge fees on your sales etc or sell advertisements to manage their team and management expenses.
How much people works in gaosmedia as employ
we have the team of 10 peoples at the moment but we can increase if we will be need
How about Gaosmedia security
We will not show the full security information here due to security reasons.But we are protected by Professional security system.We have DDos protected severs and hackproof domain
How much traffic Gaomedia.com handle
We have very big servers and we can handle whole world traffic.But if we will feel it slow or space less we will add more servers like other Giant social sites.